We’re able to verify profiles in every industry, except those prohibited by Instagram. For more information about Instagram’s prohibited industries, please check this official Instagram article.
Yes. We do verification the legit way. We’re simply using our Media Partner contacts with Instagram and Facebook to get your profile submitted for verification directly to the verifications department. Your badge will be 100% safe as long as you follow Instagram’s community guidelines. Please note: Changing your Instagram username will automatically remove your badge. If you wish to change your username after being verified, please reach out to us first.
We payment methods currently accept Mastercard and Visa cards. We’re working on accepting Amex in the near future as well.
PR stands for your online Press Articles, those are articles about you that can be found online. It’s a mandatory requirement for verification and is really important. If you already have some PR, you can proceed with our submission-only (standard) package, if you don’t have PR yet, our editors are more than happy to help you get articles published with our Premium Verification Package.
After placing your order, our team of PR specialists will review your page and current online PR (if any). We’ll get back to you within a couple of hours, and we’ll go over some details about the process. If you’ve purchased the package which includes the press articles, we’ll need some information from you to get started on writing the articles. We process orders 24/7, so you’re sure to get a quick response from us.
You can, but 99% of these requests are denied by Instagram. We have access to a media partner panel which lets us talk directly to Instagram and Meta, and allows us to explain why you should get verified and has the highest possible success rate.
No. We cannot guarantee you will become verified after using our service(s). Even though it is our #1 priority to get you verified, in the end it is up to Instagram to decide whether or not to verify you. However, we will make sure you are eligible to become verified by working on your online PR and submitting the request for you through a media partner panel.
Since the final decision is in the hands of Instagram, we can not guarantee verification. For the submission-only (standard) package, we do not offer refunds; for the Platinum Verification package we offer a refund of the submission fee (3999$), but this will take away your free re-submission and press optimisation consult.
The number of your followers will not decrease and it is guaranteed. We promise that we will compensate all possible decreases for 6 months after the purchase.
TikTok Hashtags are always a great way to attract people. Using hashtags will increase your chances of getting higher reach on all social media platforms including TikTok.
It is a common question but you don't have to worry about it. It's legal to buy followers for TikTok. buy TikTok followers
Yes, your profile must be set to public when you're receiving services from us. TikTok followers
TikTok does not pay money directly to its users. Most TikTok pay influencers lead their audience to other social media platforms that they can make money on.
Once you enter the amount of the followers you want, you can see the estimated arrival time of your TikTok followers.
No, you cannot get banned for buying followers.
TikTok followers Yes. Our system is secured with an SSL certificate. There is no need to worry about the safety of your information.
Due to a restriction from the app, we can't deliver more than 10.000 TikTok followers fans at once. However, you can make your purchases separately. In that way, you'll be able to buy much more than that.
No! We never ask for your password under any circumstance. Your account always stays safe with you. Therefore, you shouldn't share your password with third-parties or even trusted ones.
Absolutely! By getting our real tiktok fans, you can attract more people to follow your account. This way, you can use the strength of the numbers and gain leverage.
You can buy a maximum of 100.000 likes at a time.
No, you cannot get banned for buying auto likes on Instagram.
Unfortunately no. Auto likes include the post you upload after your purchase.
Yes, we can deliver your Instagram likes only if you have a public profile.
You can get a refund if we fail to deliver the auto likes within the expected period.
We share your content with our network of Instagram users and they get to real like your post organically.
No. SocialABK never requires your password at any time.
Of course. We also have the monthly Instagram likes service. You can try it any time you want.
Yes. Since our system is secured with an SSL certificate, you don't need to worry about the safety of your personal information during purchase. likes
The main feature you should look for in a provider is trustworthiness since one expects the likes to be delivered every time a post is shared. Other than that, you'd expect them to have modest prices, a no-password policy, and secure payment options. automatic Instagram likes
Our system works flawlessly. When you place your order, all of the posts you'll share for a designated time will receive our Instagram likes through automation. automatic Instagram likes
It is quite easy to get your photos liked automatically. All you have to do is provide your Instagram username and how many likes you want to get for each photo. Also, you can select the photo quantity. If you select five photos, the next five posts you'll share will receive the likes. automatic Instagram likes
No, it is not illegal to buy Instagram likes. However, you should keep in mind that Instagram does not approve of this kind of action. To prevent Instagram to find out that you are buying likes, you might want to Buy Real Instagram Likes. Real likes are done by real people, so Instagram can not say or do anything about it.
Not too much. We'll start the process in an instant to deliver your likes when we receive your transaction to buy IG likes. After that, it'll take approximately 30 minutes to receive your likes!
You can get a refund only if we haven't delivered your product within three days.
Having likes is a part of the requirements for getting on the Explore Page. So, basically yes. But likes are not enough, you will also need interactions such as comments. You can also buy comments from our site and make a combo.
First of all, you have to choose whether you want regular likes or real likes. When you decide and buy Instagram likes, you will receive your likes instantly if they are regular. For real likes, you may have to wait for the estimated time. You can see it when you enter the number of followers you want to the second box.
Instagram account It is totally up to you. You can buy up to 50.000 likes at a time. Yet, it would be better to buy likes starting with a small amount and increasing it to higher numbers.
Yes. Our system is protected by an SSL certificate. All the transactions you make are completely secure in our website. buy Instagram likes
No, Instagram does not ban you for buying likes.
As AbkSocial, we aim to offer you the most affordable prices possible. The cost varies depending on how much buy likes you are going to purchase. So you can decide how much you are going to pay, by adjusting the total quantity of likes you want to get.
Big numbers impress people and attract them towards your profile. Also, if you have a lot of likes on your posts, the Instagram algorithm will start suggesting your posts and profile to others on the Explore page. You can get new followers this way, and kill two birds with one stone!
Yes! With the excellent services that InstaFollowers offer, you can buy likes in order to get bigger on Instagram. Our services are 100% Safe and Secure.
Regular followers are bots that are high quality. It is almost impossible to tell them apart from the real ones. Real followers are real as you'd expect.
You will start to receive your followers after you make the purchase. It doesn't start so late after the purchase but it depends on the amount purchased.
No, it is totally up to you. You can but followers amount as many as you want.
Buying Instagram followers is safe. If you have any questions about safety, you can just ask our 24/7 customer support.
If you feel like there's a problem with your purchase followers you can always get in touch with our 24/7 active Customer Care. They will guide you through the way.
Unfortunately no. Our followers are not real people. That is why they are not capable of liking and commenting. interactions
We are What is a highly respected and trusted company specializing in social marketing. Many of our competitors offer faux promotions that do not even compare to our quality and prices. Even those who come slightly close to our quality and service, charge much, much higher! Abksocial.com
We cannot absolutely guarantee that every new follower you order will necessarily like or comment on your picture. It highly depends on your interaction with your profile and the content you post. Since you have great power and sway over the type of media and content you upload, make sure to be very active on your profile and post fun, interesting pictures, and engage with your new followers. However, usually, a great number of our real followers do tend to like your pics.
The most important thing is to have a bit of patience. Every order we receive is processed manually to ensure high-quality customer service, so depending on the size of your order it can usually take between 30 minutes to 6 hours. Once your payment is processed, verify the email linked to your PayPal account. Please do not modify your Instagram account by changing your username or setting your account to private, as our system will not be able to access your profile.
Abksocial.com is absolutely certain that the prices are low and of great value for your buck. Moreover, we offer refunds under certain conditions. For example, if you are not satisfied with our service because we have not fully delivered your order within the given time, we will issue a refund. If you change your mind and no longer want to place an order so you cancel it before it is processed, we will also issue a full refund.
With over 2 million followers, likes and providing services for more than 300 accounts, we are able to send our followers high-quality accounts among our followers. It has taken many years of trial and error to produce our personal brand of marketing at an unbeatable price, but we have perfected the source from which we can pull followers in addition to employing a highly qualified team of marketing experts versed in the latest Instagram techniques.
With over 2 million followers and providing services for more than 300 accounts, we are able to send our followers high-quality accounts among our followers. It has taken many years of trial and error to produce our personal brand of marketing at an unbeatable price, but we have perfected the source from which we can pull followers in addition to employing a highly qualified team of marketing experts versed in the latest Instagram techniques.
Yes, it is possible. Get instant likes to new uploads by clicking on this link: Auto-like Order
Any social media user knows that few likes and few views make you practically invisible in the virtual realm. Likes are a measure of the popularity of your social media account; therefore, the more you have, the more it guarantees you immediate visibility and popularity. When you purchase our Instagram likes, you improve your chances of attracting potential clients and followers to your business/account. We offer affordable services to help you bring your business into the center of social media popularity in a fast and efficient manner.
Much like the real world, in the virtual world, the opinion of the majority matters greatly. Just like any of the other social media platforms, the more followers, subscribers and likes you have, the more your page becomes visible. Having few followers/subscribers on any social media platform can have a negative effect on your popularity online. With Instagram rapidly becoming one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, it provides a modern space for individuals and businesses alike to promote themselves. You, too, can promote yourself and shine in the virtual world with our services. Our high-quality followers/likes can provide you with the necessary numbers to ensure you get the kind of following/popularity you’ve always desired. We have even created customized packages for our different types of clients, individuals, companies, and corporations to make sure that you can benefit from our services.
Absolutely! The purchase of followers/likes/comments is fully secure, legal, and abides by Instagram policies. We provide you with Real/HQ followers and take great precautions not to violate Instagram terms and policies. In our experience conducting surveys, tests, and reviews of the purchase of followers/likes, we can attest to its legality and safety. Not only is it 100% safe and legal, but we also have personally never encountered any problem purchasing followers/likes/comments. Otherwise, you could easily buy followers/likes/comments for your competitor or rival to put them at a disadvantage. We don’t think Instagram/Facebook will take that route.
Instagram With our services, you increase the likelihood of your profile becoming more popular. However, there are a number of other variables that depend on your efforts that we have no control over.